What is an STO? STO stands for State Thespian Officer. These are dedicated students who help to develop and run all the Arizona Thespian Events throughout the year.
Meet your 2017-2018 State Thespian Officers

Kaylee Alger – Kaylee Alger is 16 years old and was born in California. She will be a senior at Queen Creek High School. She has been involved in theatre since her freshman year. This will be her first year as an STO. Outside of theatre, Kaylee spends time with her friends and family, which includes her dog, Jasmine.

Jayla Alston – Jayla Alston is a Mountain Pointe High School Junior and is extremely excited for this upcoming season of hanging with her friends and performing. A lover of Hamilton and a binge watcher of Youtube and Netflix shows, you can find Jalyla racking up community service hours or often times hanging out with friends on the weekend. Second to school, theatre is the most important aspect of Jayla’s life, she has been acting since the fourth grade starting her musical debut as tree number 12 in the musical Into the Woods and coming out of her biggest role yet at Mountain Pointe’s rendition of Curse of the Werewolf; where she played Little Messalina the terrible child tyrant. Jayla would love to thank her Mom, Dad, Brother, and everyone who has supported her to achieve her dreams. Big thanks to Bona, Quinn, Idler, and Smith for giving her the opportunity to do what she loves and Squad for always having her back!

Manuel Edrozo – Manuel Edrozo is a sophomore at Perry High School and has been doing theatre for more than four years. He has participated in many extracurricular activities over the years including swimming, karate, and even football! However, he never really found a home until he found theatre. Since then, he has immersed himself in the performing arts around the valley and especially at school. Manuel loves all his friends, and would like to thank his sponsor, Shawna Marquis, for helping him along the way. Although he may be an underclassman, he shows that even the little guy can make a difference!

Aidan Felgemaker – Aidan has 5 siblings, four sisters and one brother. Two of his sisters, Sam and Mady, both did theatre in high school and they both loved high school so he thought he’d try it. His interest first began in junior high with drama class which he had no idea of what it was remotely about. He took it for two years and it turned out he knew a lot more about theatre then he had thought and it was fun too but yet he felt like there was something else he could do in theatre. Freshman year, Aidan took tech theatre because Mady had before and that’s all he was going off of and his love for building/fixing things. He was in love as soon as I saw their shop, tech wasn’t easy and never is but he loves the challenges they encounter and adapt to that because they are so fulfilling when they complete them. His first year of tech was so amazing that he kinda got roped in and he loves that he does. He’s hoping to even pursue production later on in life that’s how great the years have been. Theatre has become more than a hobby or an elective, its become his lifestyle because of how much his knowledge is utilized in his life, on and off the stage.

Katie Hansen – Katie Hansen is a senior at American Leadership Academy and has been involved in theater as a stage technician throughout her high school career. She is a set painter for her school’s shows, but Katie will also stage crew each show and has stage managed. When she is not doing things involved with theater Katie likes to be either reading, playing tennis, or travelling. She is super excited to be an STO this year and can’t wait to see all the Arizona Thespians at festival and camp.

Hannah Hutchison – Hannah Hutchison is an incoming junior at Deer Valley High School and is very excited to be an STO for the 2017-2018 school year! She has been involved in the theatre program at Deer Valley since freshman year, specifically Deer Valley Drama Club. She was elected Recording Secretary for sophomore year and is currently Treasurer for her junior year. She loves auditioning and being a part of plays and musicals, and so far, she has been in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Reserve Two for Murder, and Where’s Charley? during her high school career. Besides preparing for drama club meetings or doing homework for honors, some of Hannah’s hobbies include reading, camping, running, painting and photography.

Frenki Hykollari – Frenki is a senior at Deer Valley High School. Her involvement in theatre began when she moved from Albania to the U.S two years ago. She is now president of Troupe 3299 and has been involved all school productions, on stage and behind the scenes. She loves singing, playing the piano and ukulele, the color yellow, and dogs. Theatre helped her grow through realizing the true depth of human connection and the true meaning of passion and family. She hopes that by being an STO, she can help others realize the same.

Jessica Jackson – Jessica Jackson is a Senior at Agua Fria High School. Her main reason for becoming a State Thespian Officer is her desire to serve others and create a welcoming environment for her fellow thespians and lovers of theatre. While she is very dedicated and hardworking, Jessica also loves to have fun. She is extremely proud to have become a State Thespian Officer as well as honored to represent her school as well as the state of Arizona.

Ivie Keene – Ivie Keene is a four year theatre student, a four year DECA student, and a two year Link Leader and holds office in each of those clubs as a senior at Maricopa High School. She holds a deep passion for music and the arts and hopes to pursue a career relating to those after high school. In her final year at Maricopa High School, Ivie intends on helping her theatre troupe grow so much more than they already have.

Kjirsten Lemon –   Kjirsten Lemon is 16 years old and will be entering her junior year. She enjoys theatre and yoga. When she grows up she wants to be a drama teacher. Her favorite animal is a sea turtle.

Nicholas Magel – “Nicholas Magel is a senior at Perry High School and has lived in Arizona his whole life. He has been doing theatre since fourth grade when he first performed as Fritz from The Nutcracker.  Ever since then, he has loved every experience and everyone he works with on stage. He is the only Perry student currently enrolled in both the most advanced technical theatre (Tech II) and most advanced performance theatre (Perry Theatre Company) classes offered. He is one of two marketing officers in Perry Theatre and is honored to serve as a State Thespian Officer  with Arizona Thespians!”

Kelsey Martin –  Hi my name is Kelsey Martin! I am 17 years old, soon to be 18 in September. I go to Willow Canyon High School and I will be a senior this upcoming school year. Family and friends are the most important to me and some of my favorite things include rainy days, reading a good book, cheese and the TV show Friends. Some of my weaknesses are that I’m a perfectionist, I’m afraid of making mistakes and I can be very stubborn. I’m proud to say that I am the treasurer for Troupe 6901 and honored to be elected as one of the State Thespian Officers. In my speech to be elected as the treasurer for my troupe, one of my reasons for running was to not only be a leader for my troupe but to also help create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and safe to be who they are. I’ve been to three different high schools and unfortunately there have been times where I didn’t feel welcomed and I would never want someone to feel that way in our troupe. Now that I’m an STO I plan on carrying that same promise.

Alexis Nomorosa – Hello! My name is Alexis Nomorosa and I am a senior at Agua Fria High School. My taste is tv shows/movies/music is all over the place because I try to experience everything. However, if I had to pick some of my favorite things, it would have to be Pentatonix (music), Mulan (movie), and Naruto (tv). I have been involved in theatre since my freshmen year, and I fell in love with the art the moment I walked into the auditorium. I look forward to inspiring other kids to pursue theatre and follow their passions.

Keara Normile – Keara Normile is a senior attending Vista Grande High School in Casa Grande, Arizona from troupe 7447. This is her second year living in Arizona but she has also resided in New Mexico, California, and Oregon. She is the president of the Vista Grande SkillsUSA chapter for technical theatre and is their lead lighting designer. Keara is also the first thespian in Pinal County to become a State Thespian Officer. Besides working on her lighting plots she loves to act alongside her fellow thespians in the shows and manage events like lip sync battles and singing competitions. She also loves painting and playing with her three cats in her free time.

Emily Pinero – Emily Pinero is a senior at Red Mountain High School and is excited to serve this year as an STO. In her spare time Emily likes to read and watch Disney movies, as well as spend time with her family and dog. She is looking forward to the upcoming year and all the challenges and rewards that should come along with it.

Peyton Shelby – Hello! My name is Peyton Shelby, I am 16 (soon to be 17..Aug 26th!) and going to be a Senior at Willow Canyon High School. I am afraid of mountains, loud noises, and public speaking(getting over it) and I am obsessed with French macarons, anything relating to carpets(vacuuming, cleaning them, what they look like, etc. ), and reading. In my troupe I am known as the mom friend and have accepted that title with pride.

Ali Stookey – Ali Stookey is thrilled to be an STO for the second year in a row! She is a senior at Mountain Pointe High School and the president of Mountain Pointe Theatre Company. Her passion is being on the stage and in addition to doing plays with various community theatres around the valley, she plans on continuing studying theatre when she goes to college in the fall.

Gianna Valente – Gianna Valente attends Highland High school in Gilbert, Arizona. She has been active in her school’s theatre program since her freshman year by teaching, acting, and serving as a board member for her school’s theatre club. This is Gianna’s first year on Arizona’s state theatre board.

Andrew Morton – Andrew Morton has been a Thespian since his induction during his Freshman year of high school in 2015 and has been a very active member of Troupe #7430 ever since. This year he will be a Senior at Williams Field High School in Gilbert and is looking forward to furthering his academic career. Andrew has always been interested in acting, singing, and dancing from a rather early age having been in his first musical in 3rd grade. Always eager for a new task, he is very excited for the 2017-2018 school year and the opportunity to impact the lives of Thespians all over Arizona as an STO. In addition to stage arts Andrew enjoys reading, learning tidbits of information, and hiking; he hopes that this next year will be an unforgettable one or all touched by the magic of theatre.