Amidst the uncertainty of our world, what remains the constant is Arizona Thespians commitment to promoting theatre education in our schools and community. 

As we navigate through the temporary changes we are all experiencing, our thoughts as an organization immediately went to our events that were scheduled for the fall semester: our Coaches’ Convention/Leadership Camp in August and our annual Arizona Thespian Festival we hold each November in downtown Phoenix. 

At the forefront of our minds is always what is best for students and for teachers. 

With the changes in mind, it is with deep sadness that we regret to announce our decision to cancel the events that were scheduled for the fall semester. 

At this point in time there are too many unknowns and health guidelines that we feel we are unable to physically and financially comply with. Our focus is always what is in the best interest of students and we feel this is the best option for their health and safety. 

Even though our events are cancelled, we still plan to continue some elements of our thespian festival including scholarship auditions and community service opportunities. More information will be available in the fall. 

We want you to know that we are here for you and your students. Our goal does not change and we will continue to promote theatre education in our schools and community. 

Now, more than ever, theatre plays a vital role in the lives of our students, and we remain committed to being the driver of those opportunities. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


The AZ Thespian Festival is NOT open to the general public. All students must attend with their high school’s Thespian Troupe Director or Drama Director.  



BACKGROUND CHECKS – ALL adults are required to undergo a background check in order to attend the AZ Thespian Festival.  If an adult refuses, consent form isn’t filled out by deadline or doesn’t pass the background, they will be unable to attend. This includes teachers, chaperones, presenters and exhibitors. And there will be NO REFUND.  There is only one way to have the background check completed, enter your information yourself click here and follow the directions.

For more festival information, please refer to the documents and forms listed below. Remember there are many steps to the registration process. Please refer to the Thespian Teacher Guidebook (link located below) to assist you.

Payment or purchase order should be submitted to AZ Thespians by October 25, 2019

Forms and Documents (click to download):

2019 AZ Thespian Teacher Handbook – updated 8/24/19

2019 Thespian Festival Fees Quick Reference – a quick look at the fees associated with Thespian Festival. AZ Thespians reserves the right to change fees at any time. Updated and corrected 9/12/19
OFFICIAL AZ Thespian Festival General Schedule 2019 – updated 11/7/19


Arizona Thespians Code of Conduct Each school must have a copy on file.

2019 AZ Thespian Festival consent form (for both students & adults) please note, ALL adults will be required to undergo a background check. If an adult refuses or doesn’t submit the consent by the deadline, they are unable to attend.
Festival Restaurant List
2019 AZ Thespian Teacher Of The Year Application
2019 AZ Thespian Administrator Of The Year